Maths curriculum maps

Our calculation policy, which explains how we teach calculation in maths and the progression through the school, is attached below. It will be monitored and reviewed to reflect the new curriculum in September.

You can also find a term by term summary of the Key Instant Recall of Facts (KIRFS) targets for each year group through the school.

Maths Curriculum Map

Our Maths Curriculum Maps give an overview of what is being taught in the individual year groups each term. 

They include a summary of the topics taught in Maths. Depending on the length of term and the class, some topics may move between a term, but the New Maths Curriculum objectives are covered throughout the year.

Below is a link to the Maths National Curriculum:

Maths in Reception
The Development Matters document covers the Foundation Stage curriculum, including maths (pages 32-36).  It explains the teaching and learning of number, shape and space, including the Early Learning Goals.
Below is a link to the Development Matters document: