Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to The Blake Church of England School website.  I do hope that you enjoy looking around. This site is just a small taster of what a special place The Blake School is.  The Blake School was established by a wealthy wool merchant, William Blake, who owned Cogges in the 17th century.  Since then, The Blake School has a long history of serving the children of the local community with high quality education within a Christian setting.  This is in partnership with parents and other supporters of the school.  

What does ‘A Christian setting’ mean?

The Blake Church of England School’s primary purpose is to serve the local community.  In the school ‘A Christian setting’ means that during our collective worship times, both as a whole school and within class, children will be told that Christians believe:

1.     That your child was made by a loving God who cares about them.

2.     That there is a purpose to their life, a job for them to do in this world that no-one else can do.

3.     That it is our job to help to make the world a better place (with God’s help, it’s not all our responsibility).

4.     That the Bible contains a value structure and wisdom for living that brings blessing to our lives and to the lives of others, regardless of whether we have a personal faith or not.

This is taught in a setting where questions are encouraged and where other world views are accepted and celebrated.  We live in a diverse world, where we should treat those with different beliefs, values and world views with the overriding values of:

·         Love

·         Compassion

·         Understanding

Our broad and balanced curriculum is tailored to support this ethos.

The best way of getting to know the school is to visit us.  You will be warmly welcomed.  Please call the school office where one of the school administrators will make the arrangements for you.

Best wishes,


Tim Edwards-Grundy