Our School Vision and development plan

School Vision

As a school with a Christian setting we aim to be:

A Loving community:  As part of a community sustained by Christian Values, all members of our school will achieve their own potential, and with love and respect will encourage each other to do the same.

A Learning community:  Following a high quality curriculum with high expectations, enriched in every way by the Christian Ethos, our children will grow in knowledge, skills and a sense of awe and wonder, the joy of learning, appreciation of the natural world and an ability to question and reflect a habit of excited exploration.

A Flourishing community:  Grounded with a deep understanding of the worth and the unique value of everyone as a child of God, suffused by Christian values and equipped with knowledge, a love of life, moral strength and spiritual depth, our children will be prepared to joyfully take their place in the world with a sense of meaning and purpose. 


At the end of every academic year the staff and governors agree development priorities for the next academic year.  Alongside the school's academic performance, the results from questionnaires that are circulated to parents/carers, Year 6 children, staff and governors are all used to help identify priorities.  The development priorities also feed into the school continuing to achieve its vision.