Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!
Class teachers:
Mrs Richeldis Castree, Mrs Janet Parry  and Mr Adam Noble 
Visit from a Soldier:
Year One were lucky enough to have a visit from Colonel Murphy, Matilda's daddy, who is currently serving in the forces.  He came into school to tell us what life is like in the forces.  He showed us his hats and uniform and he told us about his rations and how they cook whilst on duty.  Mrs Castree was given a delicious cup of tea!  Colonel Murphy came in to help us to understand what it is like to be in the forces and to answer our questions, and also to help us to reflect on why it is so important to remember those soldiers who died.  Year One have been remembering the soldiers in class and making poppies in their memory.  We were proud to have the prayer we wrote about the soldiers read out in whole school Collective Worship.

Science Explorers:

On Tuesday 18th September Year 1 were delighted to welcome Ian from Science Oxford into school with his friend Inventing Isobel.  Isobel loves to invent and, when a problem arises, she usually comes up with an idea to fix it ... but sometimes she gets in a pickle with the materials that she chooses!  For example, when her umbrella broke, whilst her toilet paper covered replacement was cheap and easy to make, we discovered that it wasn't very waterproof!

We enjoyed exploring how to test different materials for different inventions.  The children came up with some great ideas for why some materials, whilst they do the job in parts, are not the right choice.  For example, a glass anchor sinks beautifully but it is too fragile for the job!  A wooden window would prevent the windows from being broken by balls, but we would not be able to see anything out of the window!  In the workshop we explored how rockets are made and how a rocket can shoot in the opposite direction when air is forced out of it.  We made rocket mice and forced air out of bottles to shoot them to the moon!