Visit from The Prime Minister

29th April 2016

On Friday 29th April, the Prime Minister visited the school to meet with the School’s Council.  The children told him about the fundraising project for the new community playground at Wadards Meadow, and then asked him questions about his work as Prime Minister.  These are some of the questions and answers:

Q.  "Who is your best friend?"

A.  "My wife; she listens to me when I've had a hard day and is my biggest supporter."

Q.  "Have you ever wished you weren't the prime minister?"

A.  "The toughest days are when I have to make decisions about whether to send troops to other countries to fight wars. I sometimes wish I didn't have to make those decisions."

Q.  "How do you become an MP?"

A.  "It starts a bit like you, by representing your school on the school council; you work hard for others and serve your community the best way you  know how."