Art and RE Week - Three in One

18th October 2018
Art and RE Week - Three in One:
This year for our RE & Art Week, we looked at learning more about Three in One - The Holy Trinity.  Each day we looked at a different section of The Trinity, which includes The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.  We spent each day learning in more detail about these sections, so we could understand what The Holy Trinity is.  Alongside this, we created our own Trinity art projects, which were built up throughout the week. 

Each class had the opportunity to visit the Prayer Space, which was hosted by Cogges Church.  They set up five different activities, which represented God in different ways, giving the children time to think about how they felt in the space.  These activities included working to solve wooden puzzles, thinking of kind things we could do for people we know and having blankets to feel the protection and comfort of God.

Here are some pictures from our week.