Christmas Services at St. Mary's Church

14th December 2016

Christmas Services in St. Mary's Church, Cogges 

We have held two Christmas Services for our community in St. Mary's Church, Cogges.  Parents, grandparents and friends have joined in with the celebrations as we have sung Christmas carols and read the bible readings that tell of the Christmas Story.  Our orchestra accompanied the carols beautifully. We could hear how hard they have worked to learn the music and how to play along at the speed of the congregation singing.  Our choir were, once again, magnificent. They opened and closed the service singing songs that told the message of Jesus' birth.  All the children took part in so many ways and should be proud of their efforts. Many children were really pleased to see their homework designs either on the programmes or on the rolling powerpoint that helped to focus our minds on the Christmas Story.  Thank you to the wonderful team at St Mary's, Cogges, who always make us feel so welcome, and thank you to all the parents and members of our community who were able to join us too.