Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits

10th February 2016

The Year Three and Four production has been a joy to be part of.  The children have been involved in designing the programmes, tickets, poster and props.  They have read many of the tales from the Arabian Nights and the Year Four children shared them with their Year One buddies. The Year Four children are using the production as part of their Arts Award Discover qualification. 

The children maintained their enthusiasm from all the practices to the performances. The feedback from the school and parents has been fantastic, reinforcing what a positive experience this is for the children. 

 Here are some of the thoughts of the children about the play:

"We giggled a lot as the Bongo Bandits were so funny." Chloe

"I really liked the jokes. I did not think the play would be funny but the jokes made everyone laugh." Max

"We showed teamwork by doing the play." Charlie

"When I was not on the stage, I was still happy for those that were." Charlie

"I had to be courageous to go onto stage and say my lines." Layce

"The props people did a good job as they had to make sure the props were on stage at the right time otherwise the performance would get out of hand!" Jack  

"People were very thoughtful and brought in props to help our performance like tiaras and jewellery." Marley

"We had to sit down and wait our turn which needed patience." Jacob.

"I felt a bit nervous at first, just in case I said the right words but in the wrong order, but I persevered and did it!" Antonio

"I thought we had fantastic costumes. We put loads of effort into our performances." Bethany

"When I went onto stage for the princess song, I was nervous, but I kept going." Calum

"We showed kindness by learning lines with our friends." Keira

"We all showed perseverance with learning lines." Elizabeth

Thank you to all those who donated to the collection for Stepping Stones; we raised £223.60.