Musician's End of Year Concert

19th July 2019

Musician's End of Year Concert:

What a wonderful afternoon and evening we had in school on Friday.  The choir, recorder group, orchestra and pupils who learn instruments in school performed magnificently.  The range of music and performances showcased all levels.  Pupils performed individually,  in duets or in larger groups.  The pupils were also involved in leading parts or taking the responsibility to count in to start their group. 

At the end of a very hot and humid afternoon, the school spontaneously sang along with the orchestra's tunes.  It was great fun and a lovely way for the children to show their appreciation of their fellow pupil's achievements.   The children performed their music for a second time to their parents and members of our community, who filled the hall in the evening.  Feelings of nervousness and excitement were followed with pride and pleasure, as the audience responded so positively to each and every one of our children.  

Our thanks go to the staff and volunteers, who give their time and energy to inspire our young people to enjoy their music.  We would like to thank  Mrs Bownds from the Music Service, who was able to come and support us at the concert, and to thank her for teaching clarinet to our Year Four pupils.  The Year Four pupils performed to their parents at the end of the school day on Tuesday.  We would like to thank the parents for their continued support of their children, encouraging them to practise, encouraging them to keep going and bringing them to the various performances throughout the year.