RE and Art Week

25th October 2019
RE and Art Week:

This year's RE and Art Week focused on our new school vision:  "Loving, learning and flourishing in community".  We took some time each day focusing on a new part of our school vision and unpicked what it actually meant.  We did this through whole school and class collective worships each day, as well as in class reflection time.  We ended our week talking about how we work together as a community to support each other and help one another.  During the last collective worship we shared a range of our reflection, including some poetry about the meaning of love.  A group of children also worked on a dance to represent flourishing as a school community, which they shared with the whole school in the final collective worship.

During the week, each class had the opportunity to visit Cogges Church, where we were able to experience a range of activities, which reflected our school vision and values.  These activities included: planting a seed, thinking about who we were thankful for, values discussion, thinking about our hope for the future and listening to reflective music.  We would like to thank all the volunteers who facilitated these activities during the week.