The Christmas Experience

3rd December 2018
The Christmas Experience:

Both Year 3 classes have enjoyed a morning at High Street Methodist Church this week for the "Christmas Experience".   We participated in activities and discussions about different parts of the Christmas story.  The volunteers at the church made us feel very welcome and were lovely with the children.  These are some of the comments the children made: 

"The Frankincense smelled like Christmas."

"I didn't know that Mary and Joseph had to travel so far to Bethlehem and they walked all the way!"

"I loved the juice and biscuits."

"Mary knew that God helped her, even when things were hard, and that is good for us to know that God helps us through things that are hard for us too."

"The shepherds and the kings were visited by angels - so it doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, God still thinks you matter."

"That was fun."

"I loved it."

"I'm glad we are going again in Year 4."

"I loved the rainbow angels."

We would like to thank the parent/carer volunteers who came along to help walk us there and back.  Your help is really appreciated.

For more photos please click here or visit our Year 3 page on this website.