Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!
The Year 2 staff team are - 
Miss Hinkins, Mr Noble, Miss Krzyczkowska and Mrs Jordan
We have been exploring the question of 'Why did people choose to follow Jesus?'
The children in Year 2 have had great fun making puppets and acting out the stories of Jesus calling his disciples to follow him and the feeding of the 5,000. 
 It has been a very exciting week in Year 2 as they got to experience ‘The Great Fire of London’, though in a rather more controlled fashion than in 1666!
The Year 2 children have worked hard designing and creating their Tudor houses based around the Great Fire of London, which is their topic for this term. The children thought carefully about using their senses to help them with their writing about what they could hear, smell, see and feel. All the children were so excited and loved watching the fire spread.
The artwork that the children have produced really reflects the fire burning.
The children in Year 2 have been looking at food poems.
They began by looking at ‘Spaghetti, Spaghetti’ by Jack Prelutsky.
The children loved the repetition and tried to explore that in their own poems. Children also tried to include onomatopoeia and some alliteration.
We really enjoyed their poems, and we hope you do too!