Year 2

Welcome to Year 2
Our class teachers in Year 2 are Mrs Castree and Miss Hinkins: Mrs Krzyczkowska and Mrs Piper make up the rest of the Year 2 Team.
The Year 2 children welcomed an architect into school this week to help them think more about design and materials.  Children are now very keen to design their own homes!
On a beautiful autumn morning, the children in Year 2 created some fantastic leaf art, remembering what they had learned in Year 1 about Andy Goldsworthy.

In line with their topic on traditional tales and houses and materials in science, the children have been undertaking an investigation to see which materials would make the strongest house. The children came up with their own ideas in teams and then built their houses.  Their materials ranged from books to sticks, marshmallows to spaghetti, cups to junk modelling. Then to make it a fair test, the children tried to make them all the same size.

The children then blew a BIG BAD hairdryer from the same distance away for the same amount of time.  Despite ‘huffing and puffing’, they could blow none of them down! 

Term 3 Exploring Polar Habitats
Year 2 are enjoying finding out about the Arctic and Antarctica this term. This is a topic that spans across our English, Geography, Science, Music and Art. We have been looking at a range of Non Fiction texts and their features. We have also been looking at what makes an 'explanation text'; whilst it is great when a book gives us facts it is important that we know why a penguin has a sharp short beak so by using a subordinating conjunction like 'so that' the writer can link the fact with a reason. E.g The penguin has a short, sharp beak so that it can catch, hold and eat fish. 
We have been looking at the polar habitats and how the range of animals and birds adapt to live in the cold conditions. We will soon be comparing this habitat with a warmer one like Australia. 
We have designed new animals that have features to allow them to thrive in polar conditions - some of them look very strange and are reading a range of stories about penguins, polar bears and other polar creatures.