Year 3 Christmas Experience

27th November 2019

Year 3 Visit to the Methodist Church for the "Christmas Experience":

Year 3 had an exciting morning on Wednesday 27th November at the Methodist Church in Witney.  They took part in five different activities exploring the Christmas Story. 

"I really enjoyed the kindness paper chains that we put together."  TJ

"I liked the paper chains because they are colourful and were about being kind to one another."  NSB 

"I liked the Pass the Box game as it was really fun."  JH

"At the end of the Pass the Box game, we were given a wooden angel, which was made from wood that came from Israel.  It was lovely and we have it in our class."  CD

"I really liked the shepherd's activity because I learned that the angels told the shepherds to go to Bethlehem."  AW

"I liked making the angels because I liked putting the stars on them."  LMG

"I liked opening the scrolls to read out the verses from the Bible."  AW

"I learned that Mary travelled a long way."  MW

We would like to thank the Methodist Church and their volunteers for the lovely welcome and wonderful experience they give to our pupils.

For more photos please click here.