Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!
The Year 4 staff team are - 
Mrs Rump, Mrs Lynch, Miss Knipe, Mrs Smith and Mrs Khan.
For the last four weeks, the children in Year 4 have been busy in D&T designing, making and evaluating their Christmas salt-dough tea-light holders.
They initially looked at examples by others, discussing what they liked and disliked. The children then used these ideas to inspire their own design, which they made using salt-dough.
Acrylic paint was used to add colour to their designs, along with a touch of glitter for some Christmas sparkle.
Year 4 really enjoyed the whole process involved in this D&T project and demonstrated the skills of true designers throughout, especially when evaluating their product.
The children have been having a great time in science exploring sound.
String telephones were made by the children, who then enjoyed experimenting communicating with each other using their telephones.
The children in Year 4 have been creating their own piece of non-fiction creative writing using the animals from Michael Morpurgo's book, The Butterfly Lion.
The children researched animals using the iPads and then made sure to use sub-headings in their writing.
At the start of the year the children had a go at drawing their own self-portrait.  The children thought about each of their facial features and experimented with colour blending.
Can you guess who's who?