Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!
The members of the Year 5 staff team are -
Mrs Hayes, Mr Hope, Mrs Krull, Mrs Parry, Mrs Senter, Mrs Hitchman and Mrs Ker.
The Year 5 children are exploring forces in Science.  This week they have been inspired by Galileo's experiment to drop two different balls of different mass from the Leaning Tower of Pisa to find out about Gravity.
The children chose different balls,  repeated measurements and recorded results.  They found that sometimes the balls landed at the same time, and sometimes the lighter or heavier ones landed first. 
The children watched the astronauts on the moon drop a hammer and feather, which landed at the same time as there was no air resistance.  The children think their results may be affected by Air Resistance. 
So next week they are going to investigate Air Resistance. 
Narnia has arrived in Year Five.  We have entered Narnia to be inspired to write descriptive poems.  We have discussed words, improved them by using thesauri, then worked together or independently to write down phrases.  We then edited them ourselves and decided on the order of the lines. Lastly, as we are so proud of our efforts this week, we have taken care to write really neatly and decorate our poems for a display.  We hope you like reading this selection. 
In Art this term we are looking at the artist Steven Wiltshire.  We have been inspired to improve our sketching skills with drawing our own buildings starting with Witney and then Oxford. Next week we are looking at city landmarks from around the world so watch this space for more to be added. 
Thank you to the Friends and the community for the new adventure zone.  We love playing on it.  It allows more room too for us to play in other areas of the playground too. 
In Science we have been learning about Earth in Space.  We have investigated shadows, recorded the moon's phases through October, found time zones around the world and discussed the evidence for whether the Earth is flat or round. 
What a wonderful start to our year with our topic of Ancient Greece.  We topped off our learning with a Greek Day. Amazing outfits, great fun and lots of learning throughout the day.