Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!
The Year 6 team are -
Mrs Henderson, Mr Walker, Mrs Raven, Mrs Wheeler, Mrs Bishop, Mrs Wilson,
Miss Knipe and Mrs Harwood
Our Year 6 children are having a wonderful time on residential at Quinta.  They will be completing lots of outdoor activities and enjoying spending time together.
We will add photos of the week as and when we receive them!
We are reading the delightful traditional novel, Wind in the Willows. 
We have investigated the covers by using our growing inference and deductive skill to decipher the setting of this novel. 
After reading chapter 1 we analysed the text to determine the nature of the main characters, Toad, Mole, Rat and Badger.  The descriptive language is extraordinary and has given us great insight into the personalities of the amusing and entertaining forest creatures. 
In Science we have explored the topic 'Inheritance and Evolution'. 
We have been answering some very thought-provoking questions like, 'Why do we look the way we do?', 'Why do we not look identical to our siblings?' etc.
We investigated and recorded research about three scientists that contributed significantly to our current understanding on this topic.  We then created a Wall of Fame in our classes so we could celebrate these dynamic men and women in the field of science. 
In English this term we started learning the poem, The Highwayman. 
We thoroughly enjoyed the rich descriptive vocabulary and concluded by writing 3 of our own verses to mimic the poem.  We then transferred our writing onto a monochromatic image.  We then used the graphic sheet to mirror the image by writing our prose as a shape poem.   
We also grew in confidence as we presented the poem to our class friends ending each line with a freeze to capture the essence of the line we had recited.  
It's Christmas!!!!
In Science the children have being learning about light and they have thoroughly enjoyed predicting and investigating to determine the nature of light.  
Children learnt that the dominant belief before Newton’s was disproved and his investigations demonstrated that a prism 'bends' light. The light bends (or refracts) because it moves slower in the glass, crystal or plastic than it does in air. If different colours of light move at different speeds, each colour bends a different amount. 
Children have made colour wheels to demonstrate the reverse phenomenon.  The rapid spinning of the spectrum colour wheel causes the colours to 'blend' into each other. This blending creates the illusion that they're actually white! Light is all of the colours in one: white. When the wheel spins up to the right speed, the colours blend into a near-recreation of white light.
It has been a busy and exciting first few months for Year 6.
We have had bikeability, swimming lessons, science experiments involving light and more recently, we've been building our own shoe-box trench! The children had to plan, resource and use their D&T skills to create all the features of a World War 1 trench including a parapet, supports, a dug-out and firing step.
Needless to say, the children loved creating their own and demonstrated excellent teamwork skills during their construction.