Year 6

Welcome to Year 6
The class teachers in Year 6 are Mrs Henderson and Mr Walker: Mrs Bishop, Mrs Cooper, Miss Main, Mrs Senter, Mrs Wheeler and Mrs Wilson make up the rest of the Year 6 team.
As part of our learning this half term, the children in Year 6 are studying volcanoes and earthquakes through their geography lessons. To compliment this exciting topic, the children were tasked with producing a project focusing on volcanoes, earthquakes, or both. This took the form of a poster, PowerPoint, art piece, model or whatever medium the children chose.
Below are some pictures of our exciting volcanic eruptions that occurred in class.

The children in Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their gymnastics PE lesson this week with Mrs. Bishop and Mrs. Wheeler.

They learned how to use different points of balance, to travel in between positions and how to develop routines. They showed fantastic listening, teamwork and creative skills throughout. Roll on next week's lesson!   

In today’s English lesson, the children in Year 6 practised their thesaurus skills and in groups searched for exciting synonyms of key words we may use in our upcoming writing. They did a fantastic job of building a bank of high-quality language as well as working as a team and including each other in the task.
In their science lesson this week, the children in Year 6 studied Isaac Newton’s theories on light and the colour spectrum. As a class, they then made colour wheels, which demonstrate how the seven colours red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, form white light. As you can see the children thoroughly enjoyed creating our own colour wheels and experimenting with the best ways to make the experiment successful.  
Children may be coming home today, but they are having a final busy morning challenging themselves.
The sun is still shining at Quinta and the children are having a great time.  Mrs Henderson has messaged to say that the children are all having the most amazing time and have grown and faced challenges with maturity and determination.
Day 3 at Quinta - another busy day!
It was a quiet and happy end to day two, with games and stories.
Day 2 at Quinta - children have all been busy enjoying a range of different activities.
The children arrived safely at Quinta in the sunshine and have enjoyed an afternoon of fun and games.

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