Early Years

Welcome to our Early Years!
The class teachers in our Early Years classes are Mrs O'Connor and Mrs Rump: Mrs King, Miss Knipe, Mrs Noel and Mrs Urquhart make up the rest of the Early Years Team.
Since we have returned from the Christmas holidays we have been looking at 'Stickman' Julia Donaldson. We have been making our own Stickmen out of a range of materials (playdough, sticks, bricks). Don't you think they look great! 
After reading the story many of us were inspired to create our own Stickman books using the sounds we have learnt in Phonics.
What a busy start to the year!
We had a lovely morning at Cogges Farm - so busy - the children listened and joined in the activities well.
We made paper plant pots and planted wheat seeds; we then looked at wheat and barley ears, used a flail to separate the wheat from the chaff before we had a go at grinding some grains into flour. Then into the kitchen to weigh out the ingredients to make bread and everyone had a stir of the dough - it was quite sticky! We rolled out individual portions of the dough to make our own bread roll to take home, learning how to knead with the palm of our hand.
We also had time to feed the goats, look at the chickens and go on an egg hunt as well as looking round the kitchen garden. We finished by watching a puppet show of the Little Red Hen story, then time for lunch in the barn! 
Our children in Early Years have been really busy settling into the new school year and exploring their new environment.
We have been doing 'funky finger' activities in the morning, to help us strengthen our hands for writing and having calming yoga sessions in the afternoon.
The children have also enjoyed building their strength on our school trim trail.
What a busy first few weeks!