Admissions Policies

How to Apply for a Place at The Blake CE Primary School

For children starting school in Reception in September 2024, applications should be made to Oxfordshire County Council Admissions, by completing a Common Admissions Preference Form (CAPF), either in paper form or electronically.

The closing date for applications and the date for the offer of places will be in accordance with the co-ordinated admissions scheme, details of which will be common to all schools in the Local Authority (LA) area. The Oxfordshire County Council admissions website can be found here.  The national offer day for primary school places for 2024 is Tuesday 16th April.  

All admissions at other points in the year, to Reception or to any other year group, are considered to be in-year admissions.

In-year admissions will be considered in accordance with the criteria as set out in the relevant Admissions Policy. The school administers its own in-year admissions process. If you wish to make an application for an in-year place at The Blake CE Primary School, please do so using the form which can be found below.

The Blake CE Primary School follows the LA protocol for the in-year admissions of vulnerable children (in-year fair access).