Year 6

Welcome to Year 6
The teachers in Year 6 are Mrs Bishop, Mrs Henderson and Mr Walker.  Other members of the team are Mrs Baker, Mrs Cooper, Mrs Wheeler and Mrs Wilson.
The children are heading home from Quinta this afternoon - we do not expect them back at school until after the end of the school day.
Please check your email around 2pm for an estimate of when we think the children will arrive back - if they encounter traffic that will significantly alter this first estimate, we will send a text message to update you.
Please enjoy the last of the photos from yesterday, which we received overnight.
It has been a busy final full day at Quinta, there are two sets of photos below.
As so often, we anticipate that there will be more photos received overnight, which we will upload in the morning.
It has been a great day!
Day 4 has dawned bright and clear and the porridge is on!
Some more wet photos from yesterday, received overnight, are also below.
Although Day 3 has been wet at times, the children have still had a lot of fun!
We received quite a lot of photos early on day 3, looking back at day 2.  Everyone is safe and well at Quinta, but the Welsh rain is falling this morning.
Day 2 at Quinta has been a lot of fun!  There was an early start to the day when the fire alarm went off at 6.30am..... it was a false alarm and the children managed really well, evacuating calmly.
The first batch of photos is below - we hope we may receive some more during the evening.  If we do, we will add them to this slide show.
This is what happens when pudding arrives!!
The Year 6 children have arrived at Quinta - they have had a wonderful afternoon playing team building games indoors and out.
The WiFi at Quinta is not great and so sending photos out relies on the data on staff devices.  We will try and send photos every day, just to update you, but it will not always be possible.  We cannot guarantee that all children will appear in any photos that do get sent.
On this first day, we have done our best to make sure that every child is featured...