Our School Day

Morning School
Pupils should not be on the school premises before 8.45am.  They enter school via the school gates located at the front and rear of the school.  Cloakroom doors and gates are locked at 9.05am. Children arriving late must enter school through the main office where a record is kept.
Whistle blown at:          8.55
Early Learning Phase - Reception
Morning Session:                8.55 - 12.00 - Doors open at 8.50am.
Afternoon Session:            1.00 - 3.10
Middle Learning Phase - Years 1, 2, 3
Morning Session 1:         8.55 - 10.20
Morning Session 2:        10.35 - 12.00
Afternoon Session:        1.00 - 3.15
Year 1 & 2 pupils also have a short afternoon break at some point between 2.00pm and 3.00pm.
Upper Learning Phase - Years 4, 5, 6
Morning Session 1:        8.55 - 10.40
Morning Session 2:        10.55 - 12.00
Afternoon Session:       13.00 - 3.15
The school is open for 31.25 hours per week.
Collective Worship
Whole school acts of Collective Worship take place on Monday and Friday mornings at 9.10am.  Our Monday act of Collective Worship focuses on our Value of the Month and allows time to explore together how these Values link to the teaching of the Bible and the life of Jesus as well as how they impact on our lives as individuals and community.  On Fridays, we celebrate together, reflecting on learning that has taken place during the week, sports events and other community happenings and we think about how we are all flourishing as part of one community.