Reception Little Red Hen Trip

8th October 2019
Little Red Hen Trip:

On Tuesday 8th October, the Reception classes went to Cogges Farm and followed the trail of the 'Little Red Hen'.  The children joined in with a variety of activities.  They listened carefully and followed the instructions to make a plant pot out of newspaper and plant a seed by pressing it down in the soil.  We learnt how people used to make flour by grinding the corn between two stones called ‘querns’ and had a go ourselves.  We then helped weigh out the ingredients for making bread dough and mixed it with our hands.  In the small kitchen we kneaded the dough to make a bread roll each and had a look in the bread oven.  We watched the puppets tell the story of The Little Red Hen and even had time to see some of the animals and have lunch before the rain came down!  We will go back to visit the play park another day.

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